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Test Code: T55

A whole blood oximeter measures oxyhemoglobin saturation (%HbO2) and total hemoglobin concentration (tHb). The oxygen and carbon monoxide content (O2) of the blood sample is automatically calculated from the %HbO2 and tHb measurements.

Analytes Tested



Co-oximetry (blood-gas analyzer)

Assay Availability

Mon. – Fri.

Results Reported

Typically, positive, quantitative reports ≤ 5 business days TAT from receipt.

Acceptable Matrices

Whole Blood; 1 x 4 mL Heparin (green top; preferred) tubes.


Stored at 4oC until testing is completed. Long term storage of samples (1 year) is stored at -20oC.

Causes for Rejection

  • Identifiers on the specimen DO NOT match, when compared with the requisition.
  • Specimen handling has compromised the integrity of the specimen (e.g., not stored, or prepared according to testing requirements; frozen specimens and specimens fixed/processed in alternative fixatives)
  • Specimen quality is compromised at or beyond ability to complete testing and provide accurate results (i.e., quality not sufficient [QNS]).
  • Serum-separated or plasma specimens.

Laboratory Contact

For further information, please call the MolecularDx Laboratory at 814-361-6997 or email info@molecdx.com.

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