Legal Support

MolecularDx (MDX) provides expert opinions and testimony for all our casework. Our certified experts have over 60 years of combined experience and will answer the call for all your legal and courtroom needs. Litigation packets, legal documentation, and consultation are all available from our staff at reasonable costs. Don’t settle for less, work with MolecularDx. 

All MolecularDx scientists are trained for courtroom appearances and testimony. MolecularDx legal services covers preparation of litigation packets, travel, and court appearance. MolecularDx considers legal services to be a vital part of our overall forensic process and therefore our legal fees are customer friendly.

MolecularDx also provides expert case reviews and will provide a formal report containing our legal opinions and interpretations. Our expert toxicologists are certified by the American Board of Forensic Toxicology (ABFT) and are here to assist you.

What benefits do you get using our expert legal services?

  • Availability – When you call, we answer. We support all of our casework with any necessary legal services.
  • Low cost – Testimony is part of the overall forensic service we provide here at MolecularDx. Our legal fees are reasonably priced and cover all elements of the process.

Case Reviews – MolecularDx can provide legal support for any casework with formal reviews and reporting on any toxicology casework by board-certified, expert Toxicologists.

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