Postmortem Toxicology

Qualified Forensic Testing

MolecularDx is an accredited forensic laboratory with expert scientists ready to help you with your cases. MDX Toxicology testing uses a combination of high-resolution, accurate mass and targeted mass spectrometric analyses for drug identification and screening. All positive results are automatically reflexed to quantitative confirmations testing using targeted mass spectrometric methods. Our methodology conforms to the highest standards and regulations. 

Choose the tests that work for you. Our Basic Toxicology Service (BTS) includes identification and quantification of over 70 drugs of abuse and novel psychoactive substance, including volatile compounds such as ethanol. Our Advanced Toxicology Service (ATS) is designed for the most rigorous death investigations where you need a large scope of testing to get the right answers. Our ATS includes screening for over 4,000 analytes with automatic reflexing of positive results to quantification of more than 220 targets including drugs of abuse, novel psychoactive substance, and potentially toxic therapeutic drugs.

Choose between our basic or advanced toxicology services to receive a focused interrogation of suspected overdoses or a comprehensive investigation where the cause and manner of death is less clear. Our goal is to make your job easier! MDX also provides add-on panels for alternative matrices such as vitreous fluid or urine so you can rest easy knowing we never missed the presence of a drug. These are the benefits of choosing MDX:

  • Low price – We have the lowest based pricing for competitive services in the industry. Discounts are also available depending on your sample volume.
  • Rapid turnaround times – Our average turnaround time is less than 1 week! We guarantee our full quantitative reports within 8 business days or less.
  • High quality reports – Our easy-to-read reports give you the information you need clearly and concisely.
  • Integrated Customer Portal – Our customer portal is simple to use, allows you to submit samples, request kits and supplies, and allows you to store and retrieve your reports whenever you want.

Don’t pay for what you don’t need. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of coroners and medical examiners nationwide.

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